Studio caricatures say a lot about the person. They make perfect personal gifts. If someone is retiring, changing jobs, having a baby, being promoted or buying a house what caould be more of a touching present? The artwork can include hobbies, habits, work and branding elements and more.

Custom caricatures are a big hit in Montreal and Quebec. The love of humor and sattire is strong in Montreal and we are here to produce the highest quality of personal caricatures for you.

Caricatures make great logos and business identity. This is whynMaytag man lives on and in a timeless manner. A caricature logo is friendly and is liked by all age groups.

We can create a studio caricature for you and develop your branding based on it. We have the technical expertize to develop the image files that work for you in screen or print media. We can have it ready to be printed on a car, side of a building, a key chain or laser etched on wooden boards. We can do it all for you from the innitial creative stage all the way to finished products. Click Here to start!


You can order a quality Caricatures drawn from photos by our team of caricature artists and illustrators. All hand drawn and produced using superb art supplies in Quebec. Digital caricatures are created for your printing or screen usage. Studio caricatures are superb corporate gifts, wedding presents and more. Order a studio caricature in minutes and have it sent to the receiver`s address.

Create a custom caricture right here in a few simple steps. We send you the original caricature painting. Shipping is free anywhere in Quebec!

We do these with your art directions. Upon receiving the photos a pencil sketch is done and sent to you. Once we receive your feedback we will redraw it incorporating your changes. We repeat this until you are fully satisfeid with the drawing.

Once we have your approval we ink, paint and send you the original hand-drawn caricature painting. We can create a digital file for you to be used in print or screen media. This digital file is colour corrected, cleaned up and ready for professional press or a regular office or printer

The cost of the piece depends on the number of people or the overall subject matter of it. The artwork is produced on cotton base premium paper with high quality inks. The digital file is supplied in your preferred format and color scheme in high resolution. If you are printing it using a commercial print shop we would gladly work with them to make sure the quality of the produced material is superb. This portion of the work is free of charge.

Please send us an email with photos attached so we can give you a proper estimate. You can also call us to discuss at 514 616 7772. Click here to send an email

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